Clean up and Assess

Today, George and I spent an hour cleaning and scrubbing the bodywork, to make her look a little loved.   We then had a really good look at the chassis, which was surprisingly good.   Despite a lot of surface rust, the chassis seems to be reasonably free of mud and crud – Did I wash her off underneath before I laid her up?

The front bumper is now removed and will need new nuts and bolts.   In places, the plastic coat has cracked, and there is significant corrosion.   One side is kinked and needs straightening if possible.

The Front Dumb Irons will require some alteration and/or repair – inner crush tube on the passenger side is rusted away, as are both jacking tubes.   Seems a really daft bit of design to have something at the front of the vehicle designed to scoop mud into the chassis rail.

Dumb irons are very corroded.
there’s supposed to be some jacking tubes in here!

The driver’s side bulkhead outrigger needs replacing due to heavy perforating corrosion.   The chassis behind it will also need plating for the same reason.

Rusty Outrigger!
Outrigger and adjacent chassis rail both have perforating corrosion

Also on the driver’s side, the rear of the chassis from the suspension mount back needs plating to the base of the curve, and possibly parts of the sides as well.

The rear cross member needs repair in several places, as, predictably, it is very corroded.

Overall, the body panels all seem straight-ish, with just the bonnet and roof having serious dents.   Most of the paint has even stood up surprisingly well, although it is faded, but in some places it’s peeling.   The side doors are all in fairly bad state – the skins are fine, but the door frames have rusted badly, and the mechanisms are all in need of work.

Overall, the body is fairly straight

The headlights need replacing, particularly driver’s side, the bowl has perforating corrosion.

The engine is complete, and has some surface corrosion in places, and on some ancilliaries.

The rear propeller shaft has failed catastrophically at the rearmost Universal Joint.   The remains of the shaft are in the vehicle, but the rear drive flange is still attached to the axle.   The vehicle rolls relatively easily, and the steering is functional.

The Bulkhead is galvanised, allegedly from factory, and in very good condition.