Incredibly frustrating day today. Finally thought I was better enough, tide was ok, weather ok (actually turned out to be pretty breezy, much stronger than the 3-4 forecast), so off I went.

The plan was to get the boat launched, make sure the engine is ok after the last trips shenanigans, then the family would join me.

Got down to the slip, get rigged up, eventually got launched (queue for the slip), tied the boat up, dumped the trailer, went to start the engine…

However, it is being a pig. Takes ages to start, clearly doesn’t like choke, but starving of fuel without it.
If I can get it into gear, it will run fine at revs (tied up, but running in gear)

But as soon as it comes back to idle, it cuts out and then takes lots to restart. Runs happily at revs almost indefinitely, but even when really warm, cuts out as soon as you try and return to idle.

Dad even gave up in his engine frustrations to come and help, and he was able to confirm my diagnosis of symptoms, but nothing more. He did, however, help me recover the boat, including doing the winching onto the trailer. I am very glad of that, as I’m feeling like I overdid things a bit today, and I am not as much over my chest infection as I had thought.

Now, Jeff had cleaned the carbs, which were gummed up, before I got her, and she’s on 100% fresh fuel. Spark is fine, water pumps fine. I think it’s a fueling issue…

Now, I believe it is either a bunged up fuel filter, a dodgy pump, or most likely carb. Now, from the behaviour, I’m wondering if there is a separate jet for idle, or something?

Unfortunately, the actual manual for this engine is out of print, so all that’s on offer is a generic one.
Also unfortunately, I haven’t done much on petrol engines since my teens.

however, despite being frustrating in some ways, I actually enjoyed being on the water, even if only alongside. Rigging and de-rigging the boat was good practise, and I got to try a different slipway, which seemed like it will be good for future.

Fareham town hard, Nice solid concrete slip, with a hard point for roping / winching. reasonable turning space at the top, and a large, reasonable car park – £2 all day for car and trailer, courtesy of Fareham Marina. Looks like its accessible more or less above 2m of tide, give or take, and is within site of my Parents mooring.