Shakedown Part 3 – Tidy up and conclusions

Pictures will be added – I wanted to get the text up before I forget.

The following day I took some time to reflect on techniques, changes, modifications and other items needed as I packed the boat away properly.

One of the main things I realised is that taking the full crew on our first trip out with a new boat was a mistake. What I should have done was checked everything was working single handed, and then taken the kids out for a quick jolly to whet their appetite.

I also did some research online, and popped the lid on the outboard. This revealed that the outboard has a device to stop it being started when in gear, which I had guessed, but which has two clicks (apparently one click out of gear, and the second click into “starting position”, only one of which is audible.

Once in the right position, it started first pull. Sadly, I need to procure, or build, a bigger bucket to run it for long, as even at tickover, the bucket of fresh water I was using to run it in was emptied very quickly.

I have also, as refered to above, ordered a Burgee, and been to the chandlery to buy a few other bits – some blocks, rope, cleats etc to make the mods I have identified:

  • Lack of stern mooring cleats
  • No Ensign or burgee halliards, nor other provision for hoisting flags
  • no way of tensioning the forestay, leading to a very baggy jib
  • Permanantly attached jib sheets (I dislike this for storage/tangling reasons, I’d prefer to be able to unshackle and inprovise if needed)
  • Jammer on the jib furling line – this had slipped while under power, so I intend replacing it with a proper cleat.
  • Some method of holding up the rudder without fully removing it, probably drill and peg
  • better storage for the anchor and line

I had also noted that the line I was using as a bowline was just too long – so resolved to use a shorter one next time.

As a non-ship related issue, more entertainment and snacks are needed for the kids!

So, I owned up to wife and kids what I had found, to put their minds at rest, and hopefully reduce arguments when I next found an opportunity to take the boat out single handed. I still want to test the engine properly before I rely on it.