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Funny Stuff
Jokes, memes, links to humorous stuff, etc. Often not my own, but things I happen across online. If I can, it will be credited (often in an image etc)

Land Rover Rebuild
Here’s a bit of a blog about rebuilding my old Land Rover – a 1987 (On average!) One Ten County Station wagon. She has had various mods over the years, such as a 300tdi engine fitting. I have continued the mods in the 11 ish years Ive owned her, including changing to utility side panels, and fitting a camper conversion.

Making Stuff
Blog posts about making stuff, CNC, carpentry, etc

Mental Health
I have battled against poor mental health for many years. Often the things I share here will not be very personal, but tools, techniques, organisations etc that I have found helpful. I am not great at sharing the “personal” stuff, which is often
part of the problem! Hopefully it will help other people.

Sailing and Boats
This is a blog about my 1977 Drascombe lugger. I’m not sure how it will develop, as I have only just purchased the boat, but I thought I would have a go! It will also include general content about sailing – including trips on/with other boats etc.

Camper Vans
I have always used my vehicles to support various adventuring – wether it be camping, travel, etc, and that is best summed up by referring to them as “Camper Vans”

Camping and outdoor
Non-Vehicle related camping and outdoor stuff – very similar to some of my other categories, but without the “vehicle” element! May include “non-safeguarding” scouting stuff -ie, about the activities, but not the kids!

Not a blog, as such, but links to suppliers, companies, blogs, personal websites and organisations I find useful / helpful, or am otherwise involved with. Will usually have a brief summary of why they are there!

Other stuff
Blog posts which do not fit into my other categories – when I have just got something to say.